Logo Design

I designed a logo for Accès Compétences using Adobe Illustrator, following the principles of logo design, such as simplicity, relevance, and memorability. I used the company's name as the main element of the logo, and I chose a modern and elegant font to convey professionalism and quality. I also added a symbol of a book with two people, representing the company's core service of providing education and guidance to their clients. Company's color name is Wine Grape, which evoke trust, growth, and innovation.

The logo has a clear and distinctive identity, and it communicates the company's mission and vision. The logo can be used on various media, such as business cards, websites, flyers, and banners. It also has a versatile and scalable design, and it can be adapted to different formats and sizes.


Accès Compétences

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Logo Design

Accès Compétences - Logo Design