Designing for Change: The Story of the #ErasingHate Logo

In a world where every symbol holds power, the right logo can be a beacon for change. This was my guiding principle when I embarked on the journey to design the logo for #ErasingHate, a movement that has now rippled across the globe.

The #ErasingHate movement stands as a testament to the collective desire for a world free of hate and discrimination. It’s a movement that resonates with the core of human values, and the logo needed to encapsulate this powerful message.

The Creative Process

The process began with understanding the essence of the movement. #ErasingHate isn’t just about opposition; it’s about transformation. It’s about taking the symbols and words that divide us and turning them into something positive, something that unites.

With this in mind, I chose a design that was both simple and profound. The logo features a hashtag icon (from the #ErasingHate hashtag that they used everywhere on social media – where the movement first started), and a red color used for the word “Hate”, emphasizing this word into the logo. The font used was handpicked to match the message delivered by the logo.

Color and Typography

Color choice was crucial. I opted for a warm, inviting palette that would stand out and draw people in – white and red. The typography had to be strong yet accessible, mirroring the movement’s determination and inclusivity.

Impact and Reception

Since its inception, the logo has become synonymous with the movement. It’s been embraced by individuals and organizations worldwide, becoming a symbol of solidarity and action. The design has sparked conversations, inspired initiatives, and most importantly, it has become a rallying cry for those who believe in the power of change.


Designing the #ErasingHate logo was more than a project; it was a privilege. It allowed me to contribute to a cause that is much bigger than myself. As a designer, I believe in the power of visuals to inspire and mobilize. This logo is a reminder that with creativity and conviction, we can craft a narrative of hope and unity.

If you’re inspired by the #ErasingHate movement and want to bring a similar message to your brand or initiative, reach out to me. Together, we can create designs that not only look good but also do good.

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