Print Design

The goal was to create a business card that not only serves as a point of contact but also as a reflection of Portes de Garage Hudson's dedication to quality and family values. The design was crafted to leave a lasting impression, encouraging potential clients to envision the beauty and functionality of the company's garage doors at their own homes. The design encapsulates the company's brand identity and commitment to family-friendly service.

Design Features:

Logo Integration:
   • The company's striking logo, featuring bold red and black hues, anchors the design, symbolizing strength and reliability.

   • One side of the card displays a heartwarming scene of a family enjoying a game of basketball in their driveway, with the company's stylish garage doors in the background, illustrating the product in a real-life context.

QR Code Functionality:
   • A smartly placed QR code adds a layer of interactivity, directing users to the company's website for more information and easy contact.

Contact Information:
   • The reverse side of the card is bathed in elegant black, presenting all necessary contact details in a clear, concise format, ensuring that potential clients know exactly how to reach Portes de Garage Hudson.


Portes de Garage Hudson

Project Type

Business Cards Design

Portes de Garage Hudson - Business Cards Design